Launch silo with Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

At a time when the threat of nuclear war was palpable, and governments depended on the public’s consent for the huge expenditure on the nuclear arms race between the Western powers and the Soviet block, the 1950s contactees were asked by the space visitors to inform humanity of the dangers of nuclear fission technology used in bombs, tests, and later also in power stations. The first report about George Adamski’s desert encounter with a visitor from space in November 1952 already highlights the visitors’ concerns:

The Phoenix Gazette report of 24 November 1952 about Adamski’s desert encounter already highlights the space visitors’ concern about atom bomb testings.

Even before his first (reported) physical contact, Adamski warned against the dangers of the atom bomb, when he wrote to his student Emma Martinelli in 1951: “…I believe man on earth is playing too much with the universal laboratory of chemistry while he doesn’t know enough about it to be given a free hand at it. (…) Only something unpleasant in the form will awaken us all to the realization that we had better learn more before playing around too freely in Nature’s laboratory of chemistry.”

And while the Phoenix Gazette may have thought the idea of space visitors and their concern with our splitting atoms was a good joke, the visitors themselves clearly don’t see it as such. Reporting on numerous nuclear missile shutdown incidents that involved UFO sightings, on 27 September 2010 UFO researcher Robert Hastings 🔗 and seven former military officers told a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC that “this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II.” And, “whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire, that the possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons potentially threatens the human race and the integrity of the planetary environment.”

These observations clearly confirm what George Adamski was told during his first reported sojourn on a mother ship in 1953: “…our main purpose in coming to you [the Earth] at this time is to warn you of the grave danger which threatens men of Earth today. (…) Even though the power and radiation from the test explosions have not yet gone out beyond your Earth’s sphere of influence, these radiations are endangering the life of men on Earth. A decomposition will set in that, in time, will fill your atmosphere with the deadly elements which your scientists and your military men have confined into what you term ‘bombs’. If (…) mankind on Earth should release such power against one another in full warfare, a large part of Earth’s population could be annihilated, your soil rendered sterile, your water poisoned and barren to life for many years to come.”

“It is possible that the body of your planet itself could be mutilated to an extent that would destroy her balance in our galaxy. (…) For us, traveling through space could be made difficult and dangerous for a long time to come, since the energies released in such multiple explosions would then penetrate through your atmosphere into outer space.”

The abnormal conditions within our atmosphere of which the space visitors warned in Inside the Space Ships, have built up within the ionosphere through the explosion of nuclear devices. “As a result, our atmosphere is being polluted (…) by the nuclear bombs that have been, and are still being, exploded around the world. This is an abnormal condition of our own making (…) only we can change it.” (Inside the Space Ships, 1955)

Scene from Stranger from Venus (1954)
Scene from Stranger from Venus (1954)

Adamski’s co-author Desmond Leslie was one of the early members of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) that was formed in 1958. Leslie’s biographer Robert O’Byrne reports that Leslie “even set up an anti-bomb pirate radio station run by Bertrand Russell and Vanessa Redgrave” on the roof of his flat in St John’s Wood, London. Leslie’s 1954 film Stranger from Venus 🔗, whose script is based on what Adamski and other contactees were told by their space contacts, also warns against mankind’s nuclear madness.

One of the dangerous conditions that arise from nuclear tests, according to Adamski, are concentrations of radiation which at times gather together and under certain circumstances “can extract enough elements from the atmosphere as ‘fireballs’. With their finer instruments, space people are able to detect these (…) pockets of radiation, visible or invisible; and when they do, they intercept and disintegrate them…” Similarly, “atomic clouds that result from atomic explosions are composed of the same concentrated energy, but on a much larger scale. When an airplane flies into such a cloud it would either explode or disintegrate. With their more sophisticated instruments the Space Brothers can detect and neutralize these clouds of destruction.”

“Any of the small conflicts that have plagued the world in recent years could have developed into worldwide destructive wars had it not been for their efforts. And the cold war which has continued for so long could have flared into open hot war had they not intervened in different ways and places. Besides, they have done much to neutralize the radio-active conditions created in our atmosphere through our bomb testings. Were it not for their assistance in this, radiation would be much more pervasive than it is today.” (Cosmic Science, February 1958)

This was confirmed by Italian co-worker and contactee Consul Dr Alberto Perego 🔗: “We must be grateful to them for the permanent dredging of our atmosphere, which, without them, would have already been irreparably contaminated by residues of our atomic explosions. We must be grateful to them for having prevented, until now, nuclear war.” (L’aviazione di altri pianeti opera tra noi, 1963)

Further confirmation comes from the late British esotericist and contactee Benjamin Creme, who says that our scientists do not have the equipment to measure the damage that radiation causes on the etheric physical planes 🔗. He calls it “the deadliest release of energy that has ever taken place on Earth … causing more and more Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation and the gradual breakdown of our body’s defence system”. Based on his own contact and work with one of the Masters of Wisdom, Mr Creme has said there are now 24 nations in possession of nuclear capability. (Source: Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light, 2010)

(Image: CNN)

At his 2010 press conference Robert Hastings stated that the seven officers present were among a group of around 120 former military officials who all had similar experiences. Former USAF nuclear missile launch officer Robert Salas 🔗, one of those present, said the extraterrestrials were sending a message, literally shining a light on nuclear weapons: “They could have done a lot more damage, permanent damage, to our weapons systems, and they didn’t. If they wanted to destroy them, with all the powers they seem to have, I think they could have done that job, so I personally don’t think this was a hostile intent.”

On several occasions Adamski pleaded passionately for people to protest the ongoing nuclear tests and developments: “Let our voices be heard all over the world, among all nations and all races, as one voice to save the innocent from being devoured by the insanity of man. All mothers should flood their government with protests against testing, whether in the air or underground. It should be without violence, in a peaceful and common sense manner. Let these governments protest to the major ones doing the testing. Unless this is done we are scheduled to be devoured by the monster; do not let the propagandists tell you any different.” (Cosmic Science newsletter, November 1962)

Coretta Scott King (right) with Women Strike for Peace founder Dagmar Wilson (left) marching on the United Nations Plaza, New York City, Nov. 1, 1963. (Image: Bettmann/CORBIS)

With many more countries in possession of nuclear capability now, in a world where international competition for scarcer natural resources is intensifying, nuclear weapons continue to pose an immense threat 🔗 to planet Earth and its natural kingdoms, including the human, over half a century later.

Robert Hastings’ documentary UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed (2016) is available on Vimeo on demand. Excerpts are available on YouTube:

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