George Adamski always kept a safe distance from ‘new age’ mystics and fantasists who proclaimed that with the flying saucers a new age of eternal peace would descend on Earth. When Adamski asked his Venusian contact about the Golden or Aquarian Age, Orthon seems to indicate these are only names: “…we would say you are approaching the Cosmic Age, however little you may understand this. You have had your Golden Age, worshipping gold more than God. And an Aquarian Age, as you call it, can only be one in which Earth afflicts you with great waters, or not enough.”

Unless humanity seeks to understand its relationship with its origins nothing will change: “…we would rather call it Cosmic understanding… For the first time in the memory of mankind on your planet, there is overwhelming evidence that your planet has not borne life as a kind of freak accident… Mankind is manifesting on your world because that planet is but one in a vast, orderly creation of the Infinite One, all subject to his Divine laws… Then let Earthly man know that this God is not in some far distant place, but ever near in all manifestations, and within Man himself.” (Inside the Space Ships, pp.239-241)

It was clearly not Adamski’s mission to announce or propagate the beginning of a New Age or the Second Coming. His mission to inform the world of the reality of life on other planets in our solar system, and the fact of their visitations and concerns with planet Earth, brought him more interest, questions, and ridicule than most people would have been able to handle – and that’s not mentioning the extreme vitriol and vilification that were served on his character long before media became ‘social’.

Yet, at the same time Adamski recognized that “we are in a transitional period” that brings with it fundamental changes which some will abhor, but which will be welcomed by those who understand: “The veil between us and the universe is gradually being pushed apart and those of us who have patience as well as vision will witness things which were undreamt of at one time”. (Letter to Ms Emma Martinelli, 24 November 1951) Even in Adamski’s first publication he hints at this momentous time in human history 🔗, when he writes that “the time is at hand for the co-operation of souls seeking the highest, and to be bound together only by the ties of the Infinite Love and Wisdom”. (The Invisible Ocean, p.23).

The notion of a new age or era is common among the world’s major religions. Albeit under different terms, they all expect its inauguration with the return or reincarnation of their particular Saviour or divine Intermediary: the Messiah (Judaism), the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Christianity), the fifth Buddha, Maitreya (Buddhism), the tenth incarnation of Vishnu, or Kalki Avatar (Hinduism), or the twelfth Mahdi, Muntazar, the Imam Mahdi (sections of Islam).

The expectation of a new age was also widely shared among flying saucer enthusiasts, as this article from the Evening News of March 1958 shows.

Students of the Ageless Wisdom teaching know these as different names for the Teacher who is expected at the beginning of the new age that we are entering with the astronomical fact of the movement of the solar system 🔗 from its alignment with Pisces into Aquarius. As Adamski explains: “It’s not only our own earth but the whole system that is going through a change which is a cycle that is coming to an end and another will take its place.” (World of Tomorrow, p.4)

The relationship between the religious expectations and the astronomical observations is explained in the wisdom teachings by the Doctrine of the Coming One 🔗, which holds that every cosmic cyle is inaugurated by a Teacher, who outlines the new ‘ideals’ for humanity as a result of the energies streaming into our system due to its new alignment. For example, the influence of the constellation Pisces, inaugurated via Jesus in Palestine 2000 years ago, has shaped our present civilization based on its keynotes of idealism and individuality.

These are now manifesting in the extremes of competition, greed and divisions that underly the general view of life and our current societal structures, whereas the new energies of Aquarius are infusing the planet with the qualities of unity and synthesis. This is what lies behind the crisis in consciousness 🔗 that is focused at this time in the socio-economic field. The existing structures do not allow the expression of these new energies and their attendant growth of consciousness, so a major change is required in how we have organised society. These changes – which are prominent throughout Adamski’s teaching 🔗 as well as the messages from his space contacts – will not happen as if by magic, but must be brought about “by human hands and human feet” 🔗, as it has been said, as a result of a change of heart of humanity.

On an individual level the awakening of this consciousness is symbolically known as the “birth of the Christ consciousness” in the manger of the spiritual heart (at the right hand side of the body). In his Christmas message of 1962 Adamski refers to this symbolism: “At this time of the year we celebrate the birth of the Christ for the nineteenth hundred and sixty-second time. I am sure it is not going to be any different than the past, selling the Christ-child over the counter for silver and gold. When will man humble himself enough to let that birth take place within his heart? This would fulfill the purpose for which Christ was born.” (Cosmic Science newsletter, December 1962)

In a lecture in 1955 he points out: “…it states in our own Bible that in the latter days (as we might call it at the moment) that when these things will be happening … like ‘signs in the sky and war and rumors of war’ … we will have come to an end of a cycle, or as some people call it, a ‘dispensation’.” (World of Tomorrow, p.1) And in another lecture that same year: “[The Bible] tells us that after 2000 years, which they called a dispensation, a new dispensation would enter. That the old would pass away and the new would come.” (Many Mansions, p. 16)


In confirmation of the notion of a crucial choice before humanity about which way to go forward into a new era for Earth, Adamski writes: “We are at the final crossroads. One of two things can happen. With the aid of these Visitors we can go on to become the greatest and the only enduring civilization this world has ever known – enduring because the peoples of the world will be united 🔗 – or we can completely annihilate one another through atomic conflict, as is well known by all major scientists.” (‘A Challenge to Spiritual Leaders’, January 1962)

Even in 1951 Adamski writes that mankind “is bound so by habits and fears of the future that it resists the change, even if it takes its own life to do so – which could have the result of man’s annihilation from this earth planet – it is a Divine plan and these characters that we sometimes consider so bad are nothing but actors to bring forth the result of this Divine plan. (…) But before we can have total consciousness of it, the old will have to be removed. And it is not easy to remove the old if the old has become a habit. In most cases, as we see it now, suffering or pain will be the medium through which this will come… For this has been promised – that at the end of 2,000 years from the birth of Christ, a new dispensation would be entered.” (Letter to Ms Emma Martinelli, 13 March 1951)

As if referring to some of the current crop of world leaders, he says: “Babylon is beginning to shake on its foundations and the false gods can be heard everywhere, for the day of their doom is at hand. But for some time yet they shall appear as a power on earth and many will worship at their feet, for personal possessions will demand protection in order to survive.” (Special Report – My Trip to Saturn, April 1962)

About the notion of a new age being inaugurated with the return of a Teacher 🔗, Adamski asks: “What chance would Jesus have if He were to return to Earth in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? (…) Unless one’s conscious perception is awakened, rather than sleeping under the blanket of materialism, how could one hope to recognize a man who in appearance would be no different from others? Were Jesus to return and be accepted, it would mean that all of our present systems would be overthrown to make way for His Cosmic Teachings. Are we prepared for this?” (Cosmic Science, Q94)

Jesus at the UN
‘Prince of Peace’ (1961) by Harry Anderson, shows Christ knocking at humanity’s door, depicted as the United Nations building in New York City.

Since the 1960s humanity has ignored the warnings of scientists that our lifestyle of exhaustive materialism, pervasive pollution, and wasteful overconsumption threatens the living organism that is planet Earth, while also ignoring the plight of millions who starve and die for lack of the basic necessities. At the same time we act as if our socio-economic structures, that only benefit the few at the expense of the many, are an immutable fact of nature. Now, the effects of the current crisis on the global economy might finally “overthrow our present systems” to make way for the cosmic teachings about the need to manifest the oneness of life in a new society based on right human relations. As George Adamski asked in 1958: “Are we prepared for this?”

Easter 2020 update: ‘The Pope just proposed a universal basic income. Is the United States ready for it? 🔗
“How difficult it is to stay at home for those who live in tiny, ramshackle dwellings, or for the homeless. How difficult it is for migrants, those who are deprived of freedom…” A universal basic income “would ensure and concretely achieve the ideal, at once so human and so Christian, of no worker without rights.” -Pope Francis, Easter Sunday Letter, 12 April 2020

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