The symbol that George Adamski received from his Venusian contacts, representing the Fraternity of Cosmic Sons and Daughters.

“The visitors have made themselves inconspicuous while on Earth, conforming rigidly to our customs; for they are aware many people still find it hard to believe advanced human beings surround us in space. They are cognizant of the ridicule those whom they contact must face, yet it is imperative that certain truth be given to the people of the world at this time. As stated in Inside the Space Ships, I serve merely as a liaison to bring these messages to as many as I can reach.” (Cosmic Science, April 1958)

About how to deal with the many questions from the readers of his books in the face of growing confusion, George Adamski asked his space contacts for advice. They proposed an international network of correspondents which he called the Get Acquainted Program (GAP). In a letter to his associates around the world, dated 15 July 1957, Adamski explains: “To help in this movement they have suggested that I ask the help of one or more men and women in each nation, people who have proven their interest and sincerity. In turn, these leaders will need the cooperation of many others throughout their nation. Those in each locality who have already expressed an interest in our interplanetary visitors are to be made acquainted with one another. (…) Regular group meetings of such friends wherever possible are recommended for discussions and closer friendship toward greater understanding of one another.

“Information of the Brothers of other worlds, with whom I continue having more or less regular meetings, will be sent regularly to each national leader, who in turn will forward it to all of his assistants. They then will pass it on to their associates. The idea is that the citizens of each nation, through these efforts, will grow into closer united friendship with their countrymen, without discrimination or divisions of any kind. In time it is hoped that these national efforts will overflow into worldwide understanding and friendship. Suggestions will also be made monthly, for individual study and efforts toward a greater understanding of oneself, his purpose of being, his relationship to his fellowman, and his place in the Cosmos — of which we are all citizens.”

The symbol for the GAP was given to Adamski by his Venusian contacts and represents the Fraternity of Cosmic Sons and Daughters. Its meaning and use is explained in the note below.

The intentions expressed here sound remarkably similar to those described by Italian contactee Bruno Sammaciccia about the famous Friendship Case that began in Pescara, Italy in 1956: “Their idea was to gather a small group of enlightened people (…), and to train them so that they could behave as trainers to their fellows, and so, little by little, our attitudes could change…” (Breccia, Mass Contacts, p.246) Interestingly, Consul Dr Alberto Perego 🔗, who only recently was found to be one of the more prominent members in the Friendship Case, was the main Italian contact for Adamski’s Get Acquainted Program as well.

The network also formed the backbone for his world speaking tour in 1959, which took Adamski to the countries where GAP chapters had been or were being established.

To answer the questions that were sent in from the international correspondents, Adamski began publishing a more-or-less regular bulletin called Cosmic Science for the Promotion of Cosmic Principles and Truths, Questions and Answers. Each issue answered 20 questions and the first was published in October 1957. At the end of the first Series, though, it seemed the subscription fee (US$1 per copy) did not cover the printing costs and the bulletin was replaced by regular, US Letter-sized newsletters.

Get Acquainted Program contact list – October 1959, listing 22 main contacts in 17 countries.

At the same time, he continued to make himself accessible to the public at Palomar Terraces, where “on the first and third Sundays of each month, between the hours of one and four p.m., it is my custom to talk with the public at my home; give a lecture on topics of interest and answer questions.” He always remained true to this practice and followed the precepts of his space contacts: “I have said many times that all of the people should know the truth and not just the ‘show type’ that organized at first in various groups and limited the knowledge to the few. This is why I have never organized or joined any organization for I feel the truth belongs to all classes of people.”

Despite the efforts of governments or the military to undermine Adamski’s message of international goodwill, the Get Acquainted Program proved remarkably viable, with chapters being formed in at least seventeen countries in Adamski’s lifetime. The most successful chapter, the Japanese, which was established by Hachiro Kubota in 1961, still counted about 1,700 members among 17 local branches in 1995. It published a widely read quarterly magazine that was also sold in kiosks in major cities, as well as an annual international edition in English, UFO Contactee 🔗.

In 1957 Major Hans C. Petersen, GAP contact for Denmark, founded the Scandinavian UFO organisation (SUFOI) which counted over 3,000 members in 1963. After falling out with SUFOI in 1965 he formed a new group which he named the International Get Acquainted Program (IGAP). With Ronald Caswell in the UK, who had been in correspondence with Adamski since 1955, he published the English-language UFO Contact – IGAP Journal 🔗 from 1966 until 1968, as well as a Danish edition. UFO Contact was more than a mere journal for UFO enthusiasts — it was sent to heads of state, royals, religious leaders, prominent figures in science, politics, the military, and news media, as well as over 60 national delegates at the United Nations. Major Petersen used the same title for an English newsletter which he published between 1969-1986, as well as for a few special reports. He also published further IGAP newsletters in Danish (Kosmisk Nyhedsbrev, 1988-1996; and IGAP Nyhedsbrev from 1997-1999).

The graphic design on the covers of UFO Contact and its Danish edition seems to be based on a photograph that was found among Adamski’s personal belongings after his death. It is believed to be a photo of the control panel of a space ship showing the electromagnetic ripples or pulsating force-field that exists between planets. It is by the use of the currents of energy in this force-field, which exist everywhere in the universe, between all celestial bodies, that the people from other planets navigate their space craft. (Source: Henry Dohan, The Pawn of His Creator 🔗, 1995)

GAP-Japan General Assembly in Tokyo,
10 October 1993. (Image: UFO Contactee)

IGAP Denmark held its first conference in December 1967, which was attended by well over 650 people, and its November issue of the Danish UFO Kontakt that year still lists (I)GAP chapters in 13 different countries. As late as December 1989 Daniel Ross, author of UFOs and the Complete Evidence from Space (1987), announced the founding of the US chapter of GAP in the first (and apparently only) issue of its newsletter UFOs and Space Science, but it has not been heard of since. As was to be expected, most GAP chapters withered with the demise of Adamski or their founders, and the ongoing onslaught on Adamski’s character and credibility by the vested military and industrial interests, detractors, and “reseachers”, with only two European chapters holding on to a marginal existence in 2019. Although the Japanese chapter was discontinued after the death of its founder in 1999, several local branches remain quite active, holding regular meetings and study groups, while the Yokohama branch took on a coordinating role under the name Cosmic Consciousness 🔗.

Adamski himself may have given another, related reason for the difficulty of keeping the GAP efforts going, when he said: “I can assure you of one thing, the space people are not coming merely to satisfy our personal curiosity. At the present time, I have been told, the best way we can help is by beginning to live with more respect toward one another. For as this is done throughout the world, fear and hostility between the peoples will diminish; leaving a fertile field in which to work for the betterment of all. But final success in this depends upon each individual.” (Cosmic Science, Q23) Elsewhere he added: “… to live this new kind of life among the many who do not, one must have unshakable faith and patience in order to endure. For not everyone will grasp the idea immediately, humanity is slow to change. But it must change if it is to survive. Pioneers in any field must be strong and determined if good results are to be realized.” (Science of Life, Lesson Six)

(Additional sources: Gerard Aartsen, Søren Birkelund Hansen, Hachiro Kubota, Hans C. Petersen)

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