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Remarkably, Adamski’s teaching, including his earliest from 1932 — about the nature of life, consciousness and matter, is now finding corroboration in quantum theory and systems science: consciousness underlies the physical manifestation of the universe 🔗, in which everything interacts and evolves as an integral system. The following selection of quotations from George Adamski’s writings shows that his teaching cannot be dismissed as ‘a new kind of UFO religion’, but rather concerns the evolution of consciousness towards the oneness of Life, and our individual responsibility to manifest this expanding consciousness in terms of right human relations (see also: World Transformation 🔗).

“We must remember that consciousness is the sea of life within which all forms are living, regardless of what they may be.” (Science of Life, 1964)

“We humans are living in an invisible ocean at the present time, most of us at the bottom of it. (…)
“As we grow in consciousness, we get nearer and nearer the light and finally we shall see the full light, just as the fish can begin to see the light when it is within fifteen feet or so from the surface. It is the light just above us that draws us higher and higher, and makes us more and more determined to get to the surface. (…)
“This invisible ocean of ours is so great that we are like grains of sand in it. It has no limits. No matter how high man goes into consciousness, it will still have no limits for him. No man can measure its power. Everything is right here.” (The Invisible Ocean, 1932)

“In light of what scientists are beginning to glimpse regarding the nature of the quantum vacuum, the energy sea that underlies all of spacetime, … there is no ‘absolute’ matter, only an absolute matter-generating energy field.” –Prof. Ervin Laszlo, ‘New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind’, 1996

“The Universe is the all in all – all planets of all solar systems, all chemicals from the highest invisible states to the lowest solidified forms, all vibrations, all intelligence, all consciousness. Or in other words, the entirety of God in its various manifestations that compose the perfect Whole. (…)
“The Earth is the combination according to affinity of all the chemicals of the universe into solidified forms, composing the planet we know as the Earth planet. Each planet carries its own vibrations, and gathers chemicals from space and reduces them to suit its particular need. The Earth is one of the rooms in the universal mansion of the Father.” (Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East, 1936)

“Matter as well as mind evolved out of a common cosmic womb: the energy-field of the quantum vacuum. The interaction of our mind and consciousness with the quantum vacuum links us with other minds around us, as well as with the biosphere of the planet.” –Prof. Ervin Laszlo, ‘New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind’, 1996

“…the form pattern seems to be universal. And that is not only in the human form, but we speak of all forms, except that as we view these planets finding each one ahead of the other in advancement, so each is ahead of the other in the quality of form structure, which seems to have a tendency towards perfection, making toward its ultimate beauty, which is incomprehensible.” (Pioneers of Space, 1949)

“Your understanding of life and the Universe is very limited. As a result, you have many false concepts about other worlds and the composition of the Universe…
“The purpose of life on other worlds is basically the same as yours. Inherent in all mankind, however deeply buried it may be, is the yearning to rise to something higher. Your school system on Earth is, in a sense, patterned after the universal progress of life. For in your schools you progress from grade to grade and from school to school, toward a higher and fuller education. In the same way, man progresses from planet to planet, and from system to system toward an ever higher understanding and evolvement in universal growth and service.” (Inside the Space Ships, 1955)

If we are to grow, “we will have to begin taking more interest in understanding our thoughts and their effects upon us as well as others, turning our minds toward the source of these thoughts and the reasons we allow them to possess us. In reality, we should be the masters of our thoughts, yet how many of us are?” (Flying Saucers Farewell, p.81)

“Men are acquiring knowledge but not wisdom. It is one thing to be intelligent, it is another to use intelligence wisely, to control its action. Men today are psychological infants and intellectual giants. The two do not go well together! The marvellous works of science will not forestall mass hysteria which leads to murder and destruction. (…) Can you instill the sense of absolute brotherhood in the human intellect? No! That is the work of each individual – no one can change the character of a man except that man himself.” (‘Satan, Man of the Hour’, 1937 – as reprinted in Flying Saucers Farewell, 1961)

“Each person must find his own way for elevating his mortal thoughts. He must study himself and the way his mind functions. (…)
“A man of great will must learn humility while an individual who is naturally humble must find the way to unite that meekness with positive action. The path is a little different for each individual. Man himself must find himself, his duty as a form, his relationship to all forms and his oneness with the consciousness and intelligence which is manifesting through all. (…)
“It is well worth any effort that a man may make to steer his ship of life on the true course that leads to a vast concept of the interrelationship of all life. Then he can truly say as Jesus said, ‘I and the Father are one.'” (‘Individual Analysis and Thought Control’, 1930s)

“The meaning and purpose of all existence and the organizing principle of the cosmos which drives the evolution of all things is to become greater expressions of harmony and love (…) suggesting that what we do to others we do to ourselves…”Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven, 2012

“When [man] understands himself, his purpose for being, and his relationship to the All, he rises in consciousness to a heavenly state of naturalness wherein … he has compassion for all. This does not mean a state of blissful unconcern. On the contrary, people who have attained this understanding are actively interested in all that goes on about them.” (Cosmic Science, Q40)

“The space people will speak of nothing but the practical life – a life that is established upon earth, for earth is an integral part of the universe – a life that is livable here and now, for if there is to be heaven it must be established upon earth. No visitor from another planet has yet given any teachings that were impossible to live in this world; they all work according to the law of the Cosmos which itself is practical. They, as the wayshowers who have come before, will teach nothing that is mysterious or fanatical nor will they deal in emotionalism. They will speak of the unity of all life by the Breath of the Cosmic Father expressing through the forms made of the substance of the Mother Planet.” (Cosmic Philosophy, 1961)

Corroboration for Adamski’s teaching comes from a growing number of institutes and individuals at the forefront of science, such as:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences 🔗, founded in 1973 by Edgar Mitchell Sc.D.

The Campaign for Open Science 🔗, founded in 2014 by Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D., Mario Beauregard Ph.D., and Lisa Miller Ph.D.

The Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research 🔗, founded in 2016 by Ervin Laszlo Ph.D.

The Galileo Commission 🔗, founded in 2019 by David Lorimer MA, PGCE, FRSA, and Harald Walach Ph.D.

That even mainstream science recognizes the fact that life is one, and we are all connected, is made clear in this TEDx talk from 2016 by astrophysical researcher and inventor Tom Chi:

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