We humans are living in an invisible ocean . . . of vibrations or consciousness.
Let us all have the urge, that great desire to learn and understand them for what they are.
From: The Invisible Ocean (1932)

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GEORGE ADAMSKI – The facts in context

Scattered among misconceptions, half-truths, and whole lies
are the facts about George Adamski. This website presents these facts
stripped of assumptions, allegations and accusations, to reveal
the scope of his mission, the impact of his work,
and the relevance of his teaching.

This website aims to present the facts in context,
to allow readers their own understanding
of this historical case of contact with extraterrestrial visitors,
to avoid repeating the fact-free beliefs or verdicts of his detractors.

Recent research has brought forward new documentation and archival materials that are combined here in a unique illustrated biographical timeline to shed further light on what was by all means an extraordinary life. Not only for his UFO experiences and the controversy they aroused, but equally for his determination, and his unforgiving dedication and commitment to his mission. More… 🔗

The most remarkable aspect of this case, which is also the most ignored, is Adamski’s teaching about the nature of consciousness and matter, which is now finding corroboration in quantum theory and systems science: consciousness underlies the physical manifestation of the universe, in which everything interacts and evolves as an integral system. More… 🔗

Modern transport, information and communications technology, and scientific discoveries have changed our experience of the physical world to that of an interconnected global community. Yet, our political, economic, financial, and social structures still reflect a worldview based on division and competition for territory, power and wealth. For this reason George Adamski was told — as were many other contactees in similar terms: “Now that your scientific knowledge has so far outstripped your social and human progress, the gap between must be filled with urgent haste.” More… 🔗

Given the consistency and continuity of his teaching, the historical facts that disprove false allegations, and the documentary evidence referenced in these pages, Adamski’s work and the authenticity of his UFO contacts and experiences now stand to gain wider recognition after decades of derision. More… 🔗

The information on these pages has been compiled from historical data, documents and photographs, combined with news reports, anecdotes and contexts, to provide the most complete, reliable and substantiated online source of information about George Adamski.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not affiliated with George Adamski Foundation LLC of Vista, Calif., USA. This website is a private, not-for-profit initiative to facilitate and further the study of George Adamski’s life and teaching by providing access to relevant materials, research, and primary sources that are freely available online, observing Fair Use principles 🔗.