The Carina Nebula’s ‘Mystic Mountain’. Image: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI), 4 December 2019.


The most important aspect of George Adamski’s work is his teaching but, as a result of the misinformation and ridicule with which his work has been denounced, it is also the most ignored. These excerpts from his text ‘The Magnificent Perception’ epitomize Adamski’s teaching on the source and innate oneness of life and consciousness, and are at least as evocative as the glimpses that the Hubble Space Telescope gives us into the physical origins of our existence.

“The roll of the tides and the waves and the rising and setting of suns, the whirling of atoms and worlds are all tuned to the Cosmic Plan, yet are subject to time and space.

Time is the instrument used to measure the movement of Being – the element action creates in its path from the formless to the formed. In Eternity always you are, but in time you’re unstable, inconstant.

Sit here at the center of all and look out on your flux of expression. As the moon to the vision of man passes through all the various phases yet remains still an orb complete without change or point of division, so you through your phases shall pass; mortal eyes shall see change and division yet you are a circle complete — you are endless, eternal, abiding.

Look forth from these eternal heights, from the heart of your unified being; look down towards the plains of desire where your destiny finds its fulfillment. Look closely and firmly perceive that the break which you one time envisioned is nothing more than mortal illusion; that there is but the unified whole.

Always you are One, you are All, as a centralized point of Being. Undying, unchanging — the Consciousness, Cause, and the Action — evolving, transmuting a form to a unified state of awareness.

From action to action you pass like a great shuttle weaving new patterns — on the loom of Eternity weaving a pattern of beauty called Life. The fine silver thread which you use is Cosmic Consciousness, binding together each stitch in true lines of perfection; creating in patient evolvement the unified Love Mantle of All. Each thought and each conscious emotion weaves the Pattern of exact direction, in time uniting the parts and the Allness, absorbing the All in the One. (…)

“Out of Cosmic Cause are worlds and planets whirled into existence; out of such formless beauty has evolved form upon form until at last there came one form so perfect in its geometric pattern that it possessed the possibilities of understanding Cause. And so into this form was poured the Breath which speaks the rhythm of creation into being, and it was given power to perceive all existence; and it was also blessed with power to name that which before had been but nameless.

And this creation, highest of them all, was known as Man, born out of That which has no ending; given dominion, consciousness and love and power over all the lesser things. But he descended into depths of sleep, became unconscious of the vaster kingdoms, forgetful of the Glory that exists and dreamed, instead, into existence the changing image of mortality.

Oh, Son of God and Son of Man, lift up all things within your sight; let your heart make known that which the sight doth not reveal and from the womb of Cosmic Cause which is the source of all creation awaken into the birth of a Magnificent Perception. Awaken into the realm of true Being. Let the strong fingers of your will draw you again into full consciousness. Rise from your earthly couch of slumber and perceive the beauty of your present Existence.

This planet earth that we call our home was brought into its present state of being through that cosmic law of affinity, the great magnetic principle of attraction, and all that therein grows and multiplies is of the one and only Cosmic Power.

The Eagle Nebula’s ‘Pillars of Creation’ seen in infrared light, unveiling a less familiar – but just as amazing – view of the pillars. Image: NASA, ESA/Hubble and the Hubble Heritage Team, 6 April 2020.

“Each form that with our mortal eyes we view is but a point in action in the whole — a minute bit of elemental substance moving to ever changing patterns and designs; impelled and impregnated with all-abiding consciousness. There is no tiniest unit in the Whole that does not bend an ear to the Law which Fathers it and causes it to be. And all that we perceive with mortal eyes and know with our consciousness is but the effective image of the Cause Intelligence, which formless is, yet causes forms to be; which knows no limitations and no bond yet creates transient dense conditions that move and change within the bosom of incomprehensible Eternity.”

From: George Adamski, Cosmic Philosophy 🔗, 1961.

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