In a word, George Adamski’s mission was “to boldly show” what no 20th century man, or very few, had seen before — that life is universal, that it manifests through the evolution of consciousness, and that the human stage in that evolution is a universal occurrence.

From The Invisible Ocean (1932) — long before becoming world famous for his accounts of contacts with visitors from other planets in our solar system — until Cosmic Philosophy (1961) and Science of Life (1964), Adamski taught about the evolution of consciousness, in line with the teachings on the spiritual facts of life that he had studied in his early youth with the Masters of Wisdom in Tibet, whose existence was first revealed in modern times through the work of Helena P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical movement.

Claim: Showing the connection between Adamski and the Masters of Wisdom, or the wisdom teachings, is “a convoluted circus of misinformation and misdirection”.
Source: Adamski Foundation president Glenn Steckling, in his Prologue to Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery II (2016, p.54).
Facts: (1) Adamski himself has said that he spent around five years studying with the Masters in Tibet as a teenager. (2) Also, he referred to some highly evolved beings from other planets as ‘Masters’ in Inside the Space Ships and repeatedly referred to the Masters (‘Men of Wisdom’), not only in Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East (1936), but throughout his writings. (3) If Life is universal and manifests through the evolution of consciousness, as Adamski taught, the existence of Masters of Wisdom is not an undesirable mystical notion, but merely the logical next kingdom in nature, as consciousness manifests and evolves upward, through the subhuman and human kingdoms and beyond, on this and any other planet.

Given his training with these custodians of the wisdom teachings it is very well possible that Adamski was aware of and in contact with visitors from other planets long before his reported first contact in the California desert on 20 November 1952.

Even before his accounts and photos put him in the limelight, the public’s fascination with the ‘flying saucers’ was growing fast, beginning with the ‘foo-fighter’ light balls that were observed on the trail of fighter jets of both the Allied and Axis powers during WWII. With the development and deployment of the atom bomb, and the growing risk of humanity’s nuclear annihilation due to the post-war arms race between the Eastern and Western blocks, the flying saucers began to draw more attention to their presence. The fact that they were, and still are, concerned about our nuclear capability was reported by various of the 1950s ‘contactees’.

Meanwhile, Adamski had already installed a 6-inch telescope at the Temple of Scientific Philosophy in Laguna Beach in 1938, “to create an interest in the study of astronomy”. His first publication about extraterrestrial life was an essay titled The Possibility of Life on Other Planets (1946), followed three years later by Pioneers of Space, in which he gave detailed descriptions of his experiences on the Moon, Mars and Venus. It is more than likely that these were presented in a tentative manner because he was not yet supposed to come out with his experiences.

From: Our Elder Brothers Return – A History in Books (1875 – Present)

In his foreword to Pioneers of Space Adamski writes “this is at present in the field of fiction”, leading many critics to conclude that his book Inside the Space Ships (1955) was fiction because of the close similarity of some of his descriptions in both books. Yet, in private correspondence Adamski divulged in August 1950 that his experiences prior to 1952 had taken place as out-of-the-body experiences.* Students of the wisdom teachings, and consciousness researchers, know that this does not make his experiences any less real, because we are not a physical body with self-consciousness, but rather a “cluster of vibrations” in a sea of consciousness, an individualized aspect — the Self — that expresses and experiences life in incarnation through its physical, emotional, and mental vehicles that together make up the person that we know as “me” — the lower self.

Adamski’s mission to make the world aware of the reality that humanity is found throughout Cosmos, including our own solar system, can be seen as integral to his teaching on the evolution of consciousness. Seeing the vitriol that has been poured on his character and his motives, his must have been a special kind of bravery for taking on this mission, comparable to that of H.P. Blavatsky. She, too, was slandered in her day, and very few people know that the report from 1886 that denounced her as a fraud was unequivocally revoked exactly a century later.

As Adamski himself said in his introduction to Cosmic Philosophy (1961), titled ‘The Truth about Truth‘: “Because there are diversified concepts of life does not mean that only one can be correct. (…) Man’s ideas may be used unwisely because he has not enough knowledge to use constructively in relation to other truths, but that does not mean that the results establish a fact.” This applies as much to the faulty condemnation of Mme Blavatsky’s work as it does to attempts to denounce Adamski’s — as well as claims that establishing a connection between their work is misleading.

Systems science and quantum physics are increasingly proving the wisdom teachings on the interconnectedness of life and the evolution of consciousness correct, and show that everything in the universe interacts and evolves as an integral system. According to Alice A. Bailey, Benjamin Creme and others who followed in Blavatsky’s footsteps, these teachings are reintroduced to the modern world at this juncture in human history to guide us through the crisis in consciousness that accompanies our transition into a new cosmic cycle now, at the end of the old age.

Although he never said anything more explicit about it, at least not publicly, in a lecture he gave in Detroit, MI, USA, in September 1956 George Adamski indicated that he was well aware of these circumstances, in which his mission plays a crucial part, when he said: “…it states in our own Bible that in the latter days (as we might call it at the moment) that when these things will be happening … like ‘signs in the sky and war and rumors of war’ … we will have come to an end of a cycle, or as some people call it, a ‘dispensation’.” And: “It’s not only our own earth but the whole system that is going through a change which is a cycle that is coming to an end and another will take its place.”

* See Timothy Good, Alien Base, p.150.