‘Etheric reflection’ of space craft over a crop circle formation in Alton Barnes, England, UK, 1999. (Image: © Francine Blake)


If consciousness is fundamental to the physical manifestation of the universe, as found by 21st-century systems science 🔗, George Adamski’s claims about his contacts with extraterrestrial visitors 🔗 and trips to other planets need to be viewed from a wholly different angle. The answers to three questions may help to make this shift in outlook and, in the process, solve the Fermi Paradox, which states: “If probability and logic tell us there must be civilizations scattered across the universe, why haven’t we found them?”

(1) How could George Adamski — and other contactees, like Wilbert Smith, Bruno Ghibaudi, Howard Menger, and Buck Nelson — maintain that his contacts came from Venus, Mars and other planets in our solar system, when our space probes find nothing but inhospitable environments there?

It seems Adamski himself was aware of the apparent contradiction. Before Flying Saucers Have Landed was published, in June 1953, he wrote to a correspondent about a follow-up book he planned to write that “will clear this present state of confusion” and “even bring out a new and clearer phase of Occult [= hidden] understanding which will blend perfectly with our present science…” Although the intended volume did not materialise, the findings from various disciplines provide just such a synthesis.

Diagram 1

Astrophysics itself says that, based on its calculations of the mass of the Universe, it doesn’t know what more than 90 per cent 🔗 of the cosmos consists of. It has hypothesized ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ to explain this ‘missing mass’ of the Universe. The wisdom teachings of humanity state that above the solid, liquid and gaseous physical levels that fall within our range of vision, there are four further planes of matter where the subatomic particles consist of light, as they vibrate at higher frequencies than those on the lowest three planes of matter (Diagram 1). Coincidentally, dark matter was first theorized by Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky 🔗 who worked at the Palomar Observatory and, although skeptical, visited Adamski at the Palomar Gardens Cafe three times, but publicly ridiculed him. Tentative evidence that points to the existence of higher planes of subtle matter may be found in the work of Wilhelm Reich M.D. 🔗, Semyon Kirlian 🔗, and Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D. 🔗

Kirlian photo of a plant leaf. (Wikimedia CC BY-SA 4.0)

And, unbeknownst to its own adherents, mainstream astronomy itself is edging closer to this esoteric distinction between planes of dense and subtle matter, when findings were reported which “suggest that dark matter is another kind of sub-atomic particle 🔗, possibly forming a parallel universe of ‘supersymmetry’ filled with supersymmetrical matter that behaves like an invisible mirror-image of ordinary matter.”

According to George Adamski’s philosophy of Universal Law, life on the other planets in our system follows the same general pattern as that on Earth — and even science now accepts that life is more likely the rule than the exception 🔗, and where it occurs will evolve along similar lines 🔗. The only difference with life on Earth is, according to the wisdom tradition, that it doesn’t necessarily precipitate down from the subtle planes of (etheric) matter onto the dense physical planes as it does at this stage in the evolution of our planet. When extraterrestrial craft or visitors allow themselves to be seen by us, they temporarily lower the rate of vibration of their composing elements from the subtle physical into the dense physical, so as to fall within our range of vision.

Very often people are surprised to find a craft, or an etheric ‘reflection’, in their photos when reviewing their pictures on screen or in print, while they did not see anything unusual at the time of taking the photograph (see also His photos 🔗). A rather spectacular example is shown at the top of this page, in an aerial photograph of a crop circle pattern in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England taken by Francine Blake 🔗 in June 1999.

Another example is the still below that was taken from a video made by a hiking group in the Ongamira region of Cordoba province in Argentina in 2006. One of the group filmed her companions from a slightly elevated position at a short distance. Only afterwards did the video show human figures of light coming out of, presumably, an underground basis through a staircase of light. (Source: Ana Luisa Cid blog, 2009)

‘Etheric reflection’ of space people captured on video in Ongamira, Cordoba, Argentina, 2006 (Image: Monica Coll/Pablo Dessy)

These three quotes show how the wisdom teaching about the fundamentally illusive nature of physical matter is confirmed by quantum theory:

“It is on the doctrine of the illusive nature of matter, and the infinite divisibility of the atom, that the whole science of Occultism is built.”
–Helena P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888
(Note: “Occultism” is used here in its true meaning as the science of the energies behind the process of evolution.)

“The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”
–Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy, 1958

“There is no matter as such; it exists only by virtue of a force bringing the particle to vibration and holding it together… we must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.”
–Max Planck, ‘The Nature of Matter’, 1944

(2) What did George Adamski himself say about the distinction between dense physical and subtle (etheric) physical matter?

“The visible forms come forth from the invisible essence of God, the indestructible substance of the universe. Consciousness molds all form out of this primal substance, first in the invisible state and then gradually bringing it into a state of greater density through a descension of vibration in the composing elements until it is finally brought into the extreme coarse state of vibration known as visible manifestation.” —Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East, 1936

“Everything is finer than [what] you see, and that produces what you do see. …the thing we call ‘invisible’ is more real than the thing we call ‘visible’, because that is more constant, while the visible comes and goes. You can see forms come and go, but that which supports forms, produces forms, is going on for ever. So the invisible really is the real background, because that is the cause of all the effects…” –Answer to question in Antwerp, May 1963

“All planets and form bodies are born from the elements of space invisible to sense sight but not to consciousness.” —Science of Life, 1964

“Even upon planets whose atmosphere is so rare that life seems impossible there may be intelligent forms existing – forms having the power of reason such as we possess, but the actual physical construction may be so fine as to be almost invisible to our sight, limited as it is to this particular plane of manifestation.” —The Possibility of Life on Other Planets, 1946

“We are actually living in an invisible sea of life. And as I have said before, we should school ourselves to become aware of the visible and invisible at the same time. For today we are only aware of the visible forms with which we have contact.” —Science of Life, Lesson Five, 1964

“Is the ocean near the surface void of fish because it is light pressured? No. Is it void of fish because of a heavy pressure at the bottom of the ocean? No. (…) And all between, does the pattern of the fish change due to the heavy pressure at the bottom or the light pressure at the surface of the ocean? No. The pattern is the same. The only difference is in the structure of the form itself, complying with the various pressures.” —The Invisible Ocean, 1932

“There is continuous interblending between the visible and the invisible – the high vibration and the low – but never a break… When we speak of matter we are speaking of the spiritual in a low state of manifestation… The trouble with the metaphysical setup is that everything in the invisible is labelled ‘spiritual’ while in the visible it is labelled ‘material’, but in truth there is neither spiritual nor material – it is all the same.” –Letter to Miss Emma Martinelli, 24 November 1951

“All Nature is etheric; whether in a form or formless state… [W]hen the word ‘ether’ is properly understood, you can see it has no reference to spirits or disembodied entities.” —Cosmic Science bulletin, Q12, October 1957

(3) How could George Adamski know about these subtler (etheric) planes of matter, yet warn against messages coming via mediums and psychics who claim to be in contact with non-physical beings, which he called “the perversion of the real purpose for which the space people came to Earth”, insisting the visitors are people of “flesh and blood” traveling in “metal ships” albeit “translucent metal”?

Diagram 2: The cosmic physical, emotional, and mental planes according to the wisdom teaching (after Alice A. Bailey).

The apparent contradiction results when we confuse the etheric physical planes for the astral emotional planes of cosmic existence, which consist of the accumulated astral (emotional) thoughtforms of humanity. While etheric physical forms may be seen as the blueprints of the solid physical (on Earth: carbon-based) forms, astral thoughtforms are the result of our own fears, hopes and aspirations built up throughout the ages. When, after long ages of accumulated projections, these take on a life of their own, they may pose as “Masters”, “archangels”, “extraterrestrials”, “interdimensional beings”, “demons” or anything in between, all equally unreal, to psychics who “channel” these astral thoughtforms. This is why any ‘communications’ from the astral planes through trance-mediumship are fundamentally unreliable. George Adamski alluded to such thoughtforms when he addressed the nature of prophecies in his article ‘World Disturbances’ in 1962: “Two and a half billion people are broadcasting thoughts of expectation as to what they think will occur. Most prophecies are nothing more than the influence of these thoughts. People with little understanding of the human mind receive these thoughts and believe they are messages from space people or a revelation from God.” As he once told Lou Zinnstag: “Every mock spirit or evil impersonator could come and tell you that his name was ‘Ashtar’ or ‘Aetherius’ and that he lived in a space ship. I think that these entities are having a heyday leading astray the gullible mediums and their public.”

Mental telepathy, on the other hand, does not involve “…what your people call ‘psychic or ‘spiritualistic’, but direct messages from one mind to another” (Inside the Space Ships, p.104), via the mental planes, which are above the astral planes (Diagram 2). To leave no doubt about the distinction that he himself made, after giving definitions of terms like “psyche”, “occultism”, “theosophy” and “philosophy”, Adamski writes: “A little thought on the subject will quickly show one that present-day psychism, compared with the real meaning as [in the definitions] given above, is nothing more than a perversion of the true science of the occult, metaphysics, etc.” (Flying Saucers Farewell, pp.111-12)

Seeing how the confusion jeopardized his mission of presenting the reality of the space visitors, Adamski emphasized whenever possible that his contacts were with physical beings from space who come here in physical space craft. All things considered, Adamski didn’t contradict the facts, because they are physical, but on a subtler level than the physical planes in which our consciousness manifests. Given the intricacy of the issue, Desmond Leslie thinks: “Maybe his Mandate was to try and establish only the objective reality of the visitors; a difficult enough task in itself, without confusing the layman with anything remotely esoteric.” (1970)

In short, there is no contradiction when we see that Adamski’s space travels and visits to other planets took place in the etheric physical, and his communications happened via mental telepathy, rather than psychic means such as trance-mediumship. Or, in Adamski’s own words: “When the word ‘ether’ is properly understood, you can see it has no reference to spirits or disembodied entities.”
Significantly, a growing number of scientists are speaking out about the reality of contact with extraterrestrial visitors 🔗.

For more information on the etheric physical nature of space craft and life on other planets, see chapter 2 of Gerard Aartsen’s free ebook Before Disclosure 🔗, ‘Uncloaking the material reality of the UFOs’, or the chapter ‘Can astrophysics see beyond its own limitations?’ in The Sea of Consciousness 🔗, also published on the Galileo Commission’s website as ‘The search for extraterrestrial life’ 🔗.

(Additional sources: Desmond Leslie, Hans C. Petersen, Lou Zinnstag & Timothy Good, Wikipedia)

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